Here at Nobox we want to be helpful to both our clients and our candidates alike. We aim to be Thought Leaders in aviation recruitment. In fact that’s why we’ve hired staff members who have both airline experience and recruitment experience – they’ve seen things from both sides of the table.

We decided that for our candidates we’ll create a series of useful videos – starting with a Pilot CV Tips video. We’re delighted to say that this first video has now launched and can be seen if you scroll to the bottom  of our home page or the candidates page.  Feel free to share with your friends and colleagues if you’d like to!

In conceiving our video content we looked at all of the common mistakes pilots are making when preparing CVs – we often get CVs that are poorly formatted (font too small, too many colours, too little white space to make it clear and easy to read); we often get CVs that have WAY too much information (list of kids / pets! and their names and ages, long paragraphs about why competitive cheese rolling is the best hobby ever, rambling passages about how the person has dreamed of being a pilot since they were in the womb and everything they’ve done so far in life to achieve that dream), etc.

At the same time, key information that we DO need is often missing – you’d be shocked how many pilots leave out their current aircraft type, or forget to include a phone number (with an international dialing code too), or forget to include information about their past employers.

Our video is a short summary of all the information a recruiter or airline needs in your CV – if we haven’t listed it then it’s not required!  Enjoy!