Nobox CEO Frank Collins and Head of Ops Jen Fleming headed to China this week to meet with prospective new clients.   With over 45 airlines to choose from in China and some really massive order books it is important to us here at Nobox to really carefully select who we want to work with.   We’ve looked at all aspects of the various airlines including roster patterns, salaries, location/base, and most importantly how they treat their expats!    We’ve learned that there’s a huge difference between state owned and privately owned airlines.  We’ve considered all these things together and come up with a shortlist of airlines that we’d like to represent.


While Frank and Jen are in China they had a chance to visit the Yuyuan Gardens in Shanghai.  You can see some of the photos taken in the image above.   There is a wonderful meeting of the historic cultural and the modern in Shanghai.  Yuyuan Gardens offers great insights into the former.   The team were surprised at how Shanghai has changed – it seems like there is now a Starbucks or KFC on every second block.  But with many positives too – fantastic transport links, amazing food choices, friendly local people, superbly clean city and zero sign of smog (when we were there at least!)

In terms of signing new clients Frank and Jen hope to return to Dublin soon with agreements for a range of operators on both Airbus and Boeing .  Watch this space for updates as we launch new opportunities in the coming weeks!