FAQ 1: “Can you negotiate the package for me please?”

The first Friday of each month we are posting answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions we get on our social media feed.  The first one was:


FAQ 1: “Can you negotiate the package for me please?”

Answer: Unfortunately, within Aviation Recruitment there can be a misperception that your consultant has the same kind of bargaining capacity as a consultant working in General Recruitment.

This is not the case. When a person applies for a job through an agency – let’s say an office-based role in IT or admin or marketing for example – the recruitment consultant can negotiate with the hiring company to agree on a package and benefits. Since there are entire fleets of aircraft at airlines with sometimes hundreds of pilots employed to operate them, airlines have (understandably) a consistent and inflexible pay scale and benefits offer for flight crews.

A pilot joining an airline on “Year 1 salary band” will earn less than a pilot who has been working there for many years. It is quite unusual for pilots to skip a few years and join on “Year 3” or “Year 4” rates. Wherever that IS possible we will include that in our Job Description and overview of terms and conditions – it is usually based on experience or PIC hours.   In some airlines, the salary levels are the same regardless of the length of service but there are the length of service or loyalty bonuses payable at set intervals in time – e.g. after 3 years, after 5 years, etc.   Again, this means that candidates applying to work at an airline cannot avail of those bonuses or increments until they too have put in the time.  As a recruitment consultant we always want to get the best possible new role for our candidate – if a candidate is not happy with the package on offer (and that includes roster, sector pay rates, travel benefits, etc. too of course) we would encourage the candidate to consider alternative roles altogether because airlines are ultimately not open to negotiations. If you want the salary from Job A and the roster from Job B then we’ll always try to find you a “fit” with Job C which combines both. If we don’t have anything to match your needs and preferences, we’ll tell you straight up!

There is no point in us giving candidates false expectations about certain Terms and Conditions being flexible or negotiable when, 99% of the time, that is simply not the case.

Roadshow in Sao Paolo 2nd to 7th September

Our latest client Capital Airlines is going to Brazil next month to meet A320 and A330 Captains.   

We are holding SIM and Interview in Sao Paolo, Brazil from 2nd to 7th September 2019.   Travel is fully reimbursed by the airline.  This is a fantastic opportunity to partially complete assessment without having to prepare for the medical test or ATPL exam at all!   Truly a unique opportunity.   If you are successful and impressed by the airline then you can take your time and we will help you to prepare fully for the medical and ATPL in China at a later stage.

There is limited capacity for Sao Paolo assessments so we are accepting candidates on a first come, first served basis – please apply as described above to reserve your slot.  If you’ve got questions that aren’t covered in the job specification please let us know via email or book a call with me using the button below – you can choose the time that works best for you!


Comandantes do A320 do Brasil

 Você gostaria de trabalhar 4 semanas com 4 semanas de folga?

 Você  gostaria de ganhar USD290,000 por ano livre de impostos?

 Você gostaria de escolher a partir de bases que incluem Sanja – “o Havaí do Oriente” na ponta sul da ilha de Hainan?

 Por favor, entre em contato conosco hj para mais informações. Temos avaliações em São Paulo, Brasil, de 2 a 7 de setembro e adoraríamos ver você lá!

 Email flightcrew@nobox.ie – por favor não atrasar

New Airline Client! How about being based in SANYA?!! :-)

We are proud to announce our latest Chinese airline client – Capital Airlines!

Package highlights are:

  • Fantastic salary – ranging from USD16,000 to USD24,000 per month
  • A320 Captains:  Opportunity to transition to A330 fleet after 1 year of service
  • A choice of four rosters – residential, 6:2, 6:3, 4:4
  • A choice of four bases – Sanya, Qingdao, Hangzhou and Beijing
  • Amazing ticketing benefits – unlimited ID80 tickets for domestic routes and ID90 for international routes plus 30 return tickets for their immediate family members (applies to all HNA Group operated routes)

What’s really awesome about this role (if you’re an A320 Captain) is that the much sought after base of SANYA is available.   This base is extremely attractive.  It’s known as the “Hawaii of the Orient” and with good reason – look up images of Yalong Bay and you’ll see that Sanya is a truly amazing place to live and work on the southernmost tip of Hainan Island.  It’s very close to Vietnam and Thailand but because it’s still technically China you can enjoy “Chinese salary levels” of up to USD290,000 per year after tax!

2 out of 2 – Peach Aviation Now Hiring via Nobox!

After our Japan visit last month we announced we wanted to work with BOTH carriers in the LCC market there.

Today we are very pleased to say that this is now a reality.

Peach is our latest client and we look forward very much to discussing the opportunity to work there with A320 Type Rated and Non Type Rated Captains alike.

The roster pattern is great, there’s an attractive salary on offer and Osaka is a bustling, exciting city to spend 18 days a month in!

If you have 4000 hours total time and 1500 PIC on commercial jets get in touch with us for more information about this vacancy.

The Nobox family of clients is growing – watch this space to see where we go next….. Vietnam, Thailand, Africa, Middle East – we’ll keep you posted! 🙂

Jetstar Japan Now Hiring via Nobox!

When we sign a new client at Nobox we like to fully explore the package, terms, practical aspects, etc. before we go live.   Having been liaising back and forth with Jetstar Japan for the past two weeks we are delighted to call ourselves experts now on the opportunity and we are launching our advertising campaign today.   Go ahead – ask us anything! 🙂

This role is based in Nagoya which is a wonderful city with a lot to offer expats.   All crew members can avail of a 20:10 (18:12) roster pattern.

A320 Type Rated Captains and First Officers can apply now

Non Type Rated First Officers will also be accepted!

Japan Visit 2019

We headed to Japan last week to visit with potential client airlines.   Japan is poised to become the first market in Asia with significant low cost long haul narrowbody operations following commitments from two Japanese airlines (Jetstar Japan and Peach) to begin operating A321neoLRs in 2020 enabling the two biggest LCCs in Japan to expand in the Southeast Asian market.

We were excited to find out more about their expansion plans.  Low cost long haul narrobody is a relatively small but fast growing segment.  Most operators thus far have been doing trans-Atlantic flights (Norwegian already and Aer Lingus from 2020).  The A321neoLR will be a real game changer in Asia.

With strong backing at both airlines (Jetstar Japan being a JAL / Qantas joint venture and Peach backed by ANA) we were keen to find out about expat pilot needs and the strength of the packages on offer.    We were not disappointed!   Both carriers have taken a pragmatic and long term approach to their expat hiring needs with really great lifestyle rosters on offer – 20 days on 10 days off with extra leave added on making even 18:12 possible each month!  The salaries must be low in that case we thought – that’s practically a part time roster – but no!  – the salaries in each case are averaging about gross USD15,500 per month.   We spoke with both airlines at length about their current expat cadres, their future plans, their management style, sample rosters, how assessments work, etc.

We look forward to continuing discussions over the coming weeks and very much look forward to signing up both of these carriers to the Nobox family in the near future!    With Osaka and Nagoya both on the table there’ll be something for everyone 🙂

A330 Captain Roles – latest offering from Nobox

Today we have great pleasure in launching our first A330 campaign at Nobox!

We are now accepting Captain candidate for Lucky Air based in Kunming!   There are over 60 expat Captains currently enjoying life with Lucky Air – expats enjoy working there and are well treated.

This short video of a Lucky Air expat Captain’s experience is quite insightful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QLoAjx1RqS8

EMB190 and B737 Jobs in the City of Flowers

Today we launch another new Chinese client airline – 9 Air!    This is a low cost subsidiary of privately owned Juneyao Airlines that also enjoys full CAAC support.

The base is Guangzhou (pronounced Gw-awng-jo) which is just 75 miles north of Hong Kong and a really great place to live.

9 Air is in a huge growth phase at present with a substantial all-Boeing fleet including 18 B737s and 49 more on the way.  There is a large cadre of expats already there (23 right now on base).

As always, our local partners will guide you through the assessment process – this includes access to preparation materials for SIM, medical and ATPL checks as well as practice SIM sessions with local expat TRI/TREs.

The same local expats will support you fully through on-boarding and settling in:

  • Advice re apartment hunting (what to look for, best areas, local companies, etc),
  • Assistance with opening bank account locally (including all the paperwork!),
  • Show you how to get a local mobile phone and the best plan for your needs,
  • Help with access to the best international schools if you bring your children with you,
  • Support with visa applications for family members who would like to join you, Etc.


Recruitment agencies always start ads with “We are delighted to announce…”  – our ads are a bit different.  You don’t need to know how we feel about our amazing clients.

You need to know what’s on offer and why it might interest you. Today we launched our marketing for Loong Air – there`s probably no better A320 choice in China at the moment regardless of what your priorities are.

You’ve got an impressive salary for the Captains who want to relocate or who are happy to have non-commuting contract with 45 days annual leave.  You’ve got the BEST possible commuting roster with 4 weeks on 4 weeks off for those who value work-life balance that bit more importantly and there are 6:2 and 6:3 roster patterns for those who fall somewhere in between!

China can be daunting for pilots and there are a lot of rumors about astronaut standard medical checks, impossible SIM check rides, punishment culture, etc etc.

The reality is that the process is robust and takes on average 6 to 9 months to complete. However, it`s worth it for the kinds of contract you can get as a reward for your patience and effort.

The reason that the process takes such a long time is actually not due to any limitations in terms of screening slots.

The Medical check is not more intensive that it is in other parts of Asia.  The SIM check isn`t difficult to pass if you`re well prepared and know what the profile will be in advance!

It takes time to prepare yourself properly to pass the assessment. It would be a wasted journey altogether if you didn’t take the time to prepare and really give yourself the best chance of being selected.

We offer extensive support in preparation and we have a large amount of material you can have if you decide to proceed (covering all aspects but especially SIM and ATPL).

We have staff on the ground in China who will meet you on arrival at the airport and stay with you through the entire assessment procedure – translating for you, advising you, representing you.  This makes a huge difference and success rates are accordingly high!

Check out the ads now live on our site and contact us if you think Loong Air might be for you!


We all know that the aviation market is quite demanding these days. Flight Crew recruitment seems to be one of the most competitive areas. There is a lot of dialogue about pilot shortages and flight crew being in high demand. According to research by aerospace giant Boeing, the world will need an additional 637,000 qualified pilots by 2036. No wonder all airlines as well as their Recruitment Agency partners go above and beyond to meet the demand.

Two of our Senior Nobox Pilot Solutions Recruitment Consultants, Justyna Nowak and Ciaran Buckley, attended Pilot Expo in Berlin last week. During the event they met with many already experienced pilots. They also talked with those who want to start their career in aviation but are unsure where to start and what their options in terms of training and employment are.

All attendees had a chance to participate in different conferences and talks presented by airline representatives, experienced pilots and agency recruiters. Some of the topics for discussion were the future of the industry, working outside of Europe, license conversion, flying after Brexit, financing pilot training and preparing for training – there was something to interest everyone.

Visitors had opportunities to find out all they needed to know about job offers and compare them, conducting interviews as well as focusing on the importance of investing in pilot training, cadet programs and figuring out what the airlines are looking for when hiring their flight crews.

Two intensive days of conferences, exhibition, recruitment process… and of course, a bit of fun!

It was a great event not only for pilots but also for airlines and recruiters and our team will make sure to attend again next year!