We all know that the aviation market is quite demanding these days. Flight Crew recruitment seems to be one of the most competitive areas. There is a lot of dialogue about pilot shortages and flight crew being in high demand. According to research by aerospace giant Boeing, the world will need an additional 637,000 qualified pilots by 2036. No wonder all airlines as well as their Recruitment Agency partners go above and beyond to meet the demand.

Two of our Senior Nobox Pilot Solutions Recruitment Consultants, Justyna Nowak and Ciaran Buckley, attended Pilot Expo in Berlin last week. During the event they met with many already experienced pilots. They also talked with those who want to start their career in aviation but are unsure where to start and what their options in terms of training and employment are.

All attendees had a chance to participate in different conferences and talks presented by airline representatives, experienced pilots and agency recruiters. Some of the topics for discussion were the future of the industry, working outside of Europe, license conversion, flying after Brexit, financing pilot training and preparing for training – there was something to interest everyone.

Visitors had opportunities to find out all they needed to know about job offers and compare them, conducting interviews as well as focusing on the importance of investing in pilot training, cadet programs and figuring out what the airlines are looking for when hiring their flight crews.

Two intensive days of conferences, exhibition, recruitment process… and of course, a bit of fun!

It was a great event not only for pilots but also for airlines and recruiters and our team will make sure to attend again next year!