Japan Visit 2019

We headed to Japan last week to visit with potential client airlines.   Japan is poised to become the first market in Asia with significant low cost long haul narrowbody operations following commitments from two Japanese airlines (Jetstar Japan and Peach) to begin operating A321neoLRs in 2020 enabling the two biggest LCCs in Japan to expand in the Southeast Asian market.

We were excited to find out more about their expansion plans.  Low cost long haul narrobody is a relatively small but fast growing segment.  Most operators thus far have been doing trans-Atlantic flights (Norwegian already and Aer Lingus from 2020).  The A321neoLR will be a real game changer in Asia.

With strong backing at both airlines (Jetstar Japan being a JAL / Qantas joint venture and Peach backed by ANA) we were keen to find out about expat pilot needs and the strength of the packages on offer.    We were not disappointed!   Both carriers have taken a pragmatic and long term approach to their expat hiring needs with really great lifestyle rosters on offer – 20 days on 10 days off with extra leave added on making even 18:12 possible each month!  The salaries must be low in that case we thought – that’s practically a part time roster – but no!  – the salaries in each case are averaging about gross USD15,500 per month.   We spoke with both airlines at length about their current expat cadres, their future plans, their management style, sample rosters, how assessments work, etc.

We look forward to continuing discussions over the coming weeks and very much look forward to signing up both of these carriers to the Nobox family in the near future!    With Osaka and Nagoya both on the table there’ll be something for everyone 🙂

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