FAQ #3: Why Use a Recruitment Agency?

This is a really common question – and makes sense as pilots often wonder if they’d be better off just approaching the airline directly.  Here’s why we’d recommend you choose a good agency!


1. Good agencies already have a relationship with the hiring airline. This means that your consultant knows the airline’s preferred criteria as well as just the advertised minimum requirements. It means that the consultant has already interrogated the airline for as much information as possible, and hopefully gotten answers to questions that other candidates have already asked too, which you can benefit from.

2. Good agencies will give you extensive support, assessment preparation and coaching. We’ve already done the research for you about the potential employer, we can give you guidance and model answers to common interview questions, sometimes even a copy of the SIM profile, and most importantly of all you will benefit from access to information from all of the agency’s past candidates’ experience. If there’s tricky paperwork involved (e.g. for Korea or Japan) we will work through it with you, especially if you need help in MS Excel.

3. The agency recruiter will be your advocate! If you are a good fit for the role, the agency will actively support your candidacy and promote your strengths and suitability to the airline. Afterall, agencies only get paid when you get hired.

4. Confidentiality is assured. Your employer will not be contacted and won’t know you’re looking around. You can have honest conversations about what you’re actually looking for. You can ask the difficult questions about a role without any chance of repercussions if you asked the airline directly. A decent agency will have calculated the expected NET take home earnings you should expect and save you having to do the maths. A decent agency will tell you about the pros and cons of any role – so you can also speak honestly about what you can commit to in terms of any bonds, training periods, etc.

5. Good agencies have extensive knowledge of the market and, even if you’re just keeping one eye open for interesting developments and opportunities, being registered means you’ll be kept informed / contacted when a good match for you comes along. Agencies will have multiple roles all in one place and can advise you about your options and alternatives. Even if you’re unsuccessful, you could be put forward for another role.

6. Good agencies will mean you have consistent communication throughout the process – while airlines might receive huge volumes of applications and simply can’t reply to all, your agency will be seeking feedback about you proactively and directly. You can also hope to get useful feedback via your agency – whether from the airline or from the consultant – that could help you in your next application.

7. It’s FREE for job seekers! NEVER pay to use a recruitment agency.

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