Recruitment agencies always start ads with “We are delighted to announce…”  – our ads are a bit different.  You don’t need to know how we feel about our amazing clients.

You need to know what’s on offer and why it might interest you. Today we launched our marketing for Loong Air – there`s probably no better A320 choice in China at the moment regardless of what your priorities are.

You’ve got an impressive salary for the Captains who want to relocate or who are happy to have non-commuting contract with 45 days annual leave.  You’ve got the BEST possible commuting roster with 4 weeks on 4 weeks off for those who value work-life balance that bit more importantly and there are 6:2 and 6:3 roster patterns for those who fall somewhere in between!

China can be daunting for pilots and there are a lot of rumors about astronaut standard medical checks, impossible SIM check rides, punishment culture, etc etc.

The reality is that the process is robust and takes on average 6 to 9 months to complete. However, it`s worth it for the kinds of contract you can get as a reward for your patience and effort.

The reason that the process takes such a long time is actually not due to any limitations in terms of screening slots.

The Medical check is not more intensive that it is in other parts of Asia.  The SIM check isn`t difficult to pass if you`re well prepared and know what the profile will be in advance!

It takes time to prepare yourself properly to pass the assessment. It would be a wasted journey altogether if you didn’t take the time to prepare and really give yourself the best chance of being selected.

We offer extensive support in preparation and we have a large amount of material you can have if you decide to proceed (covering all aspects but especially SIM and ATPL).

We have staff on the ground in China who will meet you on arrival at the airport and stay with you through the entire assessment procedure – translating for you, advising you, representing you.  This makes a huge difference and success rates are accordingly high!

Check out the ads now live on our site and contact us if you think Loong Air might be for you!