EMB190 and B737 Jobs in the City of Flowers

Today we launch another new Chinese client airline – 9 Air!    This is a low cost subsidiary of privately owned Juneyao Airlines that also enjoys full CAAC support.

The base is Guangzhou (pronounced Gw-awng-jo) which is just 75 miles north of Hong Kong and a really great place to live.

9 Air is in a huge growth phase at present with a substantial all-Boeing fleet including 18 B737s and 49 more on the way.  There is a large cadre of expats already there (23 right now on base).

As always, our local partners will guide you through the assessment process – this includes access to preparation materials for SIM, medical and ATPL checks as well as practice SIM sessions with local expat TRI/TREs.

The same local expats will support you fully through on-boarding and settling in:

  • Advice re apartment hunting (what to look for, best areas, local companies, etc),
  • Assistance with opening bank account locally (including all the paperwork!),
  • Show you how to get a local mobile phone and the best plan for your needs,
  • Help with access to the best international schools if you bring your children with you,
  • Support with visa applications for family members who would like to join you, Etc.

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