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JCAB Licence Conversion – Dispelling the Myths!

We would like to dispel the following myths surrounding converting to a JCAB licence: –         it does not require any study before job offer –         you do not have to sit full ATPL exams –         it does not take a very long time / being grounded for 6-9 months –         the medical exam is not astronaut standard The JCAB […]

FAQ #3: Why Use a Recruitment Agency?

This is a really common question – and makes sense as pilots often wonder if they’d be better off just approaching the airline directly.  Here’s why we’d recommend you choose a good agency!   1. Good agencies already have a relationship with the hiring airline. This means that your consultant knows the airline’s preferred criteria as […]

Pilot Shortage – Fact or Fiction?

Our Head of Operations Jen has written the following:   I’ve been asked to speak about Pilot Shortage at a Pilot Expo next month.  I’ve worked in aviation for 12 years and it seems like the “looming” pilot shortage has been threatened for most of that time.   This article’s been written so many times by […]

Flight Crew Futures Gatwick 2019

The Nobox Pilot Solutions team is all set up a Flight Crew Futures in Gatwick today and ready to meet prospective and current pilots! Meet with us to discuss career advice, current opportunities with Nobox and to register.    All pilots can avail of free lens cloths and drawstring bags – you might even grab […]

Pilot Job Applications – Keep Up the Momentum!

Our CEO Frank Collins has done a follow up from his last article.  See below:   Making a decision to apply for a new pilot job is not something you should undertake lightly. The process is probably going to take a number of months end to end. Depending on where you apply to work it could […]

A320 Captains – Roadshow in Madrid

Our client Capital Airlines is coming to Europe! If you can make it to Madrid between 9th and 11th October let us know ASAP and we’ll secure you an assessment slot! Don’t forget this is the airline which still has openings at SANYA base.    As a reminder that’s the “Hawaii of the Orient”  (look up […]

FAQ 1: “Can you negotiate the package for me please?”

The first Friday of each month we are posting answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions we get on our social media feed.  The first one was:   FAQ 1: “Can you negotiate the package for me please?” Answer: Unfortunately, within Aviation Recruitment there can be a misperception that your consultant has the same kind of […]

Roadshow in Sao Paolo 2nd to 7th September

Our latest client Capital Airlines is going to Brazil next month to meet A320 and A330 Captains.    We are holding SIM and Interview in Sao Paolo, Brazil from 2nd to 7th September 2019.   Travel is fully reimbursed by the airline.  This is a fantastic opportunity to partially complete assessment without having to prepare for […]